Thursday, March 14, 2019

Head Shots why do I need a Professional one?

 Snap Shot or Professional Head shot?

With cameras built into cell phones it is easy to snap a quick pic when you need a Head Shot.  Easy is not always best.  Take some time and look at images of your peers, the ones with a clean look, composed in a pleasant pose, and creating a positive impression are likely created by a professional photographer.  The ones with dark eyes, awkward poses and dark are many times a quick snap.

Professional Head Shot

Your professional portrait is many times your first silent impression for colleagues and customers.  Having a clear bright images, that shows expression in your eyes as well as your mouth gives people a pleasant first impression.   Unfortunately there are expensive bill board ads with poor photographs.   Wasting the money spent trying to increase business.


A true professional photographer knows how to correctly light your face to accentuate your positive attributes, and minimize your negative ones.  Correct lighting can nicely shape your face.  The way light and shadow paint your face will bring out your best features.  Light is a key tool of a professional photographer.  No camera can create flattering light only correct exposure.  You can find natural light that is flattering, but usually natural light is too harsh, and strong.  


Correct posing takes a three dimensional object and transfers it into two dimensions.  The skillful photographer will use posing to create a subtle motion in the photograph.  Good composition keeps the eye of the viewer engaged longer by giving them something pleasing to look at.   You never have a second chance at making a good first impression.  There is always the classic well posed studio style portrait, or life style portraits that tell more about your personally or interests.

Retouching and Color Correcting

In this era, natural is the key word.  Retouching when done correctly does not bring attention to itself.  Correct retouching makes you look like you are having a good day, first thing in the morning ready to meet it head on.  No retouching can make you appear like we all do sometimes at the end of a stressful day, disheveled, tired, droopy eyes and sagging skin.  Good retouching can erase ten years and ten pounds.  All light is different color, mixed light, uneven light are often hard to color  correct.  Professional images are hand color corrected for pleasing skin color.

Your Professional Head Shot

Your professional Head Shot by Max Bailey Photography is an asset to you your company and your business success.  In the scheme of things the investment on a Head Shot is a small fraction of your ad budget.  It does not take many positive business results to quickly recoup and see a  return on your Head Shot investment. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Business Head shots how to look your best.

Why are my favorite portraits of me, flattering, pleasant, welcoming and true to life?


Why do some images of me look like the end of a 13 hour day, rumpled, tired eye, saggy skin, and generally dull expression?  And how do I avoid the bad Images?

The short answer is use a professional  a professional photographer, here is why... 

Max Bailey Photography Portrait Park Rapids, Mn
Business Head Shot by Max Bailey Photography

Max Bailey Photography Portrait Park Rapids, Mn
Business Head shot by Max Bailey Photography

This is what a Professional Portrait is...  

Portrait Lighting...  

Cell phones are great at getting correct exposure no matter what the lighting is.  However bad lighting is bad lighting and can deepen wrinkles to your skin, bags under your eyes, exaggerate folds in clothing, loose eye color, unpleasant and incorrect  overall color.  Professional lighting is flattering and learned from the old master painters.  Lighting angled low enough to light up the eye color, and skimming across the face give your face a dynamic three dimensional look.  Often times a background light, hair light and extra kicker light are used to separate you from the background.  Correct soft lighting from a good angle will fill  eye bags, and soften character lines.  Correct  color makes your skin pleasing, with clothing and background in the correct color tones. An experienced portrait photographer will either find the sweet natural light or bring studio lights and the skill to control them correctly.
Max Bailey Photography Portrait Park Rapids, Mn
Notice the light side to shadow side of the face, this gives your face dimension, only possible with portrait lighting.

Portrait Posing..

Remember the old saying "the camera always adds ten pounds?" It is true, however it is nothing but an optical illusion.  The camera flattens a 3 dimensional object (you) into a two dimensional one.  An experienced photographer understands how to fool the camera with correct posing to take back those ten pounds and a few more.  Poses that reflect confidence work well with men or women, and some poses of the more glamours type only work well for women.  Your photographer will discuss with you the image you are to portray and photograph you accordingly.  Exaggerating good posture, pushing your chin toward camera, correct angle and tighten clothing all lead to a dynamic image.
Max Bailey Photography Portrait Park Rapids, Mn
Notice the turn away from the camera, and the slight tip of the head.  The correct pose adds dimension to your portrait. 

Portrait Expression..

The first thing a Pro Photographer learns is expressions sells portraits!  A great pose, perfectly lit with a dull expression is still a dull portrait.  The worst way to get a good expression is to say "smile."  You force a quavery uncertain, self conscious expression, timid or exaggerated smile.  We never smile on command, we smile because of a pleasant thought.  A good photographer will relax and trick you into a natural smile.  Most people are surprised to learn that rarely is your best smile your biggest one.  It is usually somewhere on the way up to the biggest or on the way back down.  A photographer with good timing will catch you often at the right moment.  Some people only have one good smile and others a number of them.  often forgotten is one half of your expression is in your eyes, and half in your mouth.  often a calm mouth expression with smiling eyes, creates a very pealing image.
Max Bailey Photography Portrait Park Rapids, Mn
Notice the light in her eyes, eye and lip detail  and the playful expression on her face.  Sometimes a great portrait is made by expression alone.

Portrait Retouching...

Women good retouching can make you look like you have a perfect, makeup, hair and skin day!  Whether you came in looking that way or not.  Men is the same minus the makeup, and character lines. When you spend a lot of time on your appearance for a special event is how you will look after the photographer and artist have correctly retouched your images.  Photo artists, smooth skin, whiten teeth, remove blemishes, soften scars & moles, and improve backgrounds.  Retouching is like salt in cooking add a little and the flavor improves, add too much, and the taste is ruined.

When you hire a Profession Portrait Photographer for you online presence, website, Facebook, etc., you make your first online impression a good one. 
Max Bailey Photography Portrait Park Rapids, Mn
You can not see good retouching, with good retouching it just looks like you are having, a great day. 

Max Bailey Photography, Professional Head shots will shoot you, "Heads above the rest"

Friday, January 19, 2018

Head Shots why do I need a Professional one?

  Snap Shot or Professional Head shot? With cameras built into cell phones it is easy to snap a quick pic when you need...